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Are CWL-M serious centrifugal extractor fit for our liquid ?
CWL-M series extractor are widely used in liquid liquid extraction or separation. Liquid liquid extraction, using the the difference of solubility and distribution coefficient of two materials, transfer the solute from one solvent to another solvent. CWL-M series centrifugal extractor mainly used in industries such as oil water separation, pharmacy, pesticide, hydrometallurgy, environmental protection etc. So if your process is liquid liquid extraction and no solid, you can use our centrifugal extractor.
Our capacity is very big(or small), can CWL-M meet it ?
We have different size centrifugal extractor, and can meet different capacity, details as below
型 号model 最大混合通量(L/h)Max Capacity
CWL25-M 10
CWL50-M 50
CWL150-M 1000
CWL250-M 3000
CWL350-M 8000
CWL450-M 15000
CWL550-M 30000
CWL650-M 60000
CWL850-M 150000
One thing need to be mentioned, the capacity on this form is theoretically capacity, it will have some deviation as per different liquid system.
How do we judge the treatment effect of CWL-M centrifugal extractor ?
we have research center in our company, to provide client test before sale and extraction process etc, in our research center, we have more than 20 centrifugal extractor for laboratory or pilot test, and after some years test, we have accumulated many experience on hydrometallurgy, chemical, pharmacy industries. We welcome you to visit our research center for laboratory or pilot test.
What is the difference between CWL-M series centrifugal extractor and others ?
Right now, most centrifugal extractor in the market are traditional annular centrifugal extractor, CWL-M centrifugal extractor are our forth generation product(patent ZL2014205865573) and have advantage such as no bottom bearing and seal, no leakage risk, free maintenance; more energy saving, only 1/3~1/10 power consumption of traditional equipment; our equipments’ material are perfluorinated polymer materials, corrosion resistance to strong sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, mixed acid.Applied to easily emulsifying system, mix thoroughly and high efficiency.
Are CWL-M series centrifugal extractor anti-explosion and automatic controlled ?
We can equip related anti-explosion and automatic control function as per client necessary.